Gatekeeper Ventures FAQ

What stage of development should my start-up reach before I apply for funding?

As an early stage venture capital firm, we don’t need to see a product. If you have understood your value propositions, a customer segment and their willingness to pay, then consider yourself ready to apply with us here.

What size of a round is too big for Gatekeeper Ventures to consider investing in?

With a focus on leading pre-seed rounds, we help entrepreneurs from day zero. Having said that. if you are raising more than THB 5 million, your start-up may not be the right fit for us.

When is the best time for me to approach Gatekeeper Ventures for pre-seed funding?

Fresh, raw ideas excite us so it’s really never too early to meet with us. You can also share information about yourself and your start-up idea here. If your idea is in its infancy, but you want to spend every hour working on your ideas, we can to help you to ideate, validate and recruit like-minded team members by providing you with a monthly allowance, employment and immigration support.

What type of collaboration opportunities do you accept, or look for?

While we are focused on investment opportunities, we are open to collaborating with a wide range of organizations. Please email us at to begin a discussion.

How can I work, or intern, for Gatekeeper Ventures?

We are always on the look-out for talented individuals to join our growing team. Please email us at with a cover letter and an up-to-date resume.

What type of visa should I have to work or intern with Gatekeeper Ventures?

We look for individuals that are able to work in Thailand, or who can secure work-authorization here. However, if you are uncertain of your work status, please apply with all of the details you have available and we will be able to evaluate your application.